Client Situation

  • Client required sophisticated reporting solution to measure quality on a $100MM+ multi-year program involving multiple external entities.
  • Several attempts to customize enterprise tools for reporting fell short.
  • Reporting required daily syncing and matching data across three systems of record.
  • Consumed by 250+ stakeholders and used in executive decision-making.

IGS Solution

  • Streamlined processes and governance.
  • Developed and implemented a custom utility to automate data extraction, cleanup, synchronization, standardization and normalization.
  • No human in the loop (robotic) utility using open source tools.
  • Established single source of truth for quality reporting.
  • Retired one defect management tool.
  • Built additional utilities to improve efficiency included: Bulk update automation, Bulk creation automation and synchronization tool.

Result and Benefit

  • Reduced costs of operation for defect management by 30%.
  • Eliminated license cost for one of the two enterprise tools for 50+ users by retiring it.
  • Low maintenance cost for new custom utility and no licensing costs.
  • Scaled reporting scope to other projects in the organization.
  • Due to the consistency and high quality of reporting, client was able to retire reports generated by other groups creating a single source of truth.