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Join us and witness your career transformation

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Join us and witness your career transformation

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Why Work with us

As a leader in Quality Engineering, Managed Testing Services, Test Consulting and advisory services, we use our many man-years of career Quality professional experiences, proprietary tools and accelerators we’ve developed to build a solution that will mitigate the operational risks for Enterprises, Product Companies and Tech-Start-Ups.

This starts with a culture that believes in giving our teams and you, the training, opportunities and creative freedom to innovate newer and effective Quality Engineering hacks. Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional IGS India experience lasts a lifetime. And, with a commitment to hiring and developing the most passionate people in Quality, we’ll make our ambition to be the best employer in Quality Engineering.

Employee Experience

Working with IGS has been enriching since I joined as an intern until today when I’m a test engineer. The company has been influential in boosting my confidence to work on multi-dimensional projects, engage with customers and solve multiple challenges. Engaging with cross-functional teams has increased my efficiency and helped me deliver high-quality work. I attribute my success to my colleagues’ unconditional camaraderie and support. The energetic atmosphere, transparent culture and open-ended communication make IGS my second home, where I’m valued and uplifted every day.

I have learned a lot at this company. I would even say IGS has been like a family to me these past 3 years. My professional journey at IGS has been loaded with great opportunities, which has made this journey amazing. As a test engineer, I’ve achieved numerous professional and personal milestones because of the projects and processes I have handled. The management has embedded warmth and positivity in our work culture, which has inspired us to give our 100% at work. From a consultant to a team lead, the route has been fantastic!

The journey at IGS has been fulfilling both personally and professionally. I joined IGS as a technical lead and soon took up a managerial role which helped me explore my hidden leadership skills. IGS’s inclusivity and collaborative work culture have helped me work with diverse professionals with 360- degree feedback. The client interactions and resource & process management activities have been a great learning experience that have improvised my interpersonal and domain-related skills. I am looking forward to a great professional stint at IGS, where my learning never ends.


IGS has a special role in my professional journey. It has given me the right opportunities to showcase my interpersonal skills. The management, colleagues, and mentors at IGS always ensure everyone imbibes a sense of achievement in IGS’s growth story with an appreciation for its victories. IGS’s inclusiveness and employee-centric approach has given me the liberty to personalize and converge diverse ways of working into a unique and success-defining collaboration.