We take care of your testing needs while you take care of business. IGS offers flexible and carefully-curated engagement models that cater to the on-demand testing talent, process, infrastructure, and technology needs of enterprises of varying size and nature. We let you gain your footing with large enterprises with minimum resource requirement, greater flexibility, faster time-to-market, and lower cost of entry tuned into our service offerings which include,

Functional Quality Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing

Other On-demand Offerings for all your Testing Needs

On-Demand access to Super Testing Talent (Domain Experts, Technical Testers & Test Users), Testing Technology, Resources, Environment, Testing Excellence, and more.

Just supplying resources to handle your testing needs is not team building. At IGS, what keeps us driven is the culture of performance by connecting you to true talent. We help you work with power performers, avoid the blockers, and solve real problems so that your product meets its purpose without investing in a Test Center.

What you get

A Handpicked Testing Team that is passionate about their job from a large pool of expert-approved talent

Efforts commitment based on your changing needs

Pay-as-you-go payment model to fit your budget

Complete set up for your testing center of excellence (Infra/Platform/Software /Testing/Talent as-a-service)


Anytime Remote Testing Support for your products

Greater visibility into testing resources, processes, results, and costs

Improved Test Coverage (We’re on a mission to ‘miss’ nothing while testing your product)

Timely delivery

Great Tech Value

Complete Testing Environment setup

Low maintenance and high value

The right balance between automation and manual testing

Faster business scaling through Bug Prevention

Functional Quality Testing

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin.

We agree and implement this in our testing workflows to add visibility, speed up testing, and keep the bugs not just at bay, but away.

The IGS commitment of flexibility and performance in Functional Testing is guaranteed by,

Easy access to testing tools, automation frameworks, and accelerators.

Reduced test cycle time with test automation.

Higher test coverage, better bug removal.

Lower cost to test applications.

Minimize your investment in test automation.

Performance Testing

At IGS, Quality is not an act, it’s a habit. We don’t just help you eliminate performance bottlenecks, we dive deeper to find out what’s in the bottle. We integrate the best-in-class SDK to your apps to get detailed performance profiling in parallel to your functional testing.

This helps us test less and test smarter so that the performance of your product never takes the back seat.

What can we achieve together?

Ensure IT systems can maximize their capacity.

Performance test more applications for less.

Reduce the risk that a performance issue will impact business operations.

Minimize your investment in performance testing.


Security Testing

We believe Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known. The security of your products and your enterprise environment could be compromised in a heartbeat if appropriate testing is skipped.

With great products come great security vulnerabilities and threats. At IGS, we converge test analytics with a hawk-eye for security threats so that risks and threats become things of the past in futuristic testing.

The IGS way of security testing guarantees,

The identification and removal of security vulnerabilities.

Flexible, output-based pricing model by application scanned, website assessed.

Removal of false positives.

Remediation of security vulnerabilities.

All this with Minimal investment in application security testing.