IGS is a full-scale, focused, and seasoned testing solutions company that has been dedicated to its craft since 2010. We have experts with a deeper understanding of the testing business, the tools that make it happen, and the methods that make testing exceptional.

More than anything, we have a stellar testing team that understands people to offer QA services that is the best of its kind.

We understand your need for testing and your initial apprehensions on who will test your products and deliver on the project, their learning curve, how well they communicate about the progress, and how passionate they are towards testing.

With proven Test Expertise, Test Ownership, and Test Leadership, IGS can guide you on how to start, where to go, and how to reach the ultimate destination of testing, which is product quality.


IGS focuses on minimizing risks while maximizing test coverage through our progressive test approach for product releases.

IGS’ OTT Unified Test automation solution is a one-stop competency framework of tools, best practises and re-usability factors used in creating an effective test automation suite that is specifically targeted for enhancing content quality on video-streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video that are used on the web, Android and iOS mobiles/handheld devices, TV apps, set top boxes, and more.

Additionally, the IGS OTT Unified Test Automation Framework is used for the test automation of API test cases, Ad Analytics, and use behaviour analytics. The two key areas of strength include front-end API Data Verification and Playback verification.

Two things that influence IGS’ Power Play in OTT Test Automation

Risk-based Testing to prioritize test coverage on every release.

A formidable cohort that strengthens our QA team Profile and gives you power-driven testing expertise characterized by continuous learning and keeping up with tech trends.

Teams that make OTT Test Automation, Testing Awesomeness.

A Feature Testing Team for every platform performs the core testing and does not change often.

A Dedicated API Testing Team to provide Test Coverage for functional implementation ahead of UI binding and performing home screen asset validation based on API responses.

A Regression Testing Team which is a commonly shared team that executes regression across platforms, devices, while checking for browser and device compatibility. This team also covers International standardization checks if applicable.

A Content QC Team which is a part of the Regression Team is rotated often for validating newly ingested content.

A Test Automation Team automates tests and provides additional Manual Test support on-demand.

A Performance Testing Team that performs load, stress and app performance benchmarking to ensure that your product is launch-ready for millions of users.

The Penetration Testing Service is an on-demand service provided by IGS at a fixed cost if your products need it. We have a team of experts that can go deeper into the functionalities of your products and give you a performance consistency report.

With a mixed bag of permanent and contractual testers on board, we ensure that they take ownership of your product and exhibit great leadership in devising innovative testing methods.

Our teams becomes so involved with your product that they start loving it and taking care of its quality assurance.



Consistent cross-platform apps that are high on quality, usability, and performance are wonderful to have. With a deep understanding of the world of test automation and the journey of your business, IGS is equipped to offer testing services that are generic to apps, reduce complexities and solve problems quickly.

We implement this framework for Test Automation relating to the Web, Android & iOS Apps, API test cases, and DFP & Mixed Panel validation.

How this works?

STEP 1 : You let us know what your testing goals and expectations are, and we’ll set you up with a great team to do a comprehensive assessment in both test and live conditions.

STEP 2 : We set up a time-bound automation plan that is presented to the client as a part of the working agreement post the proposal submission process. The same would be captured in Statement of Work and Service Level contracts established.

STEP 3 : In anticipation of the client’s response, IGS proposes a unique process to bring value at high velocity.

IGS’ delivery design structure that can give you a minimum of 20% Annual Savings

IGS as a value-add offers to run the entire feasibility analysis upto 2000+ Test cases under the identified scope of Sanity, Smoke, and Regression suites for both Android and iOS Apps. This is an estimated five-Day activity.

Once the Feasibility Analysis report and action point/dependencies on the Client product team are established, IGS shall take the sign off for the actual scope in terms of the numbers targeted to achieve test automation.

The target test cases shall serve as the typical backlog for IGS to plan and execute.

The Client QA Manager supervises the Iteration planning session where the weekly high-value test cases shall be chosen to target the coverage.

Team IGS will enable a Risk-Based Prioritization process to identify high-value test cases that need to be delivered every two weeks. A Release to Prod Is envisioned every two weeks. However every week the work package is planned to target the efficiency and effectiveness of automation.

Based on the target test case count and the FTE count, IGS proposes to deliver the entire suite in under 20 Releases across platforms (five Releases per platform).

A buffer release will be planned to ensure all the test cases automated run with the expected levels of consistency.

Looking for a user-friendly, platform-independent and single-window solution for script-less automation testing framework for your web and mobile applications?

IGS can give you just that and the following advantages with an extra pinch of testing passion that never fades away.

Improved functional coverage in each round of testing

Accelerated productivity in test execution

Shorter test schedules

Reduced time-to-market

More incremental application testing for lesser costs

Documented knowledge base to support ongoing automation efforts, remove human error, and reduce dependency on a limited number of experts

Testing becomes a part of other stages in a product life cycle

Automation of repeated execution of large volumes of tests and logging of results

Manual testers are free to focus on other important tasks at hand

Cross-platform testing is simplified using automated test scripts


With IGS, your products don’t just qualify they Quali’fly’ when it comes to quality and performance.

Our crowd testing partner, Qualitics, gives your products the perfect take-off to reach millions who will love them. Qualifly, our curated crowd-sourced testing platform aggregates niche players in software testing across the globe to offer velocity, elasticity, and agility to the client’s software delivery while reducing time, OPEX, and CAPEX.

We take Testing-as-a-Service to the next level with the fastest growing community of clients, testers, devices, and products.

Qualifly creates a sharing economy of clients, testing partners, and facilitators (IGS-Qualitics) to fuel the success of crowd-sourced testing initiatives.

Performance that gives your apps wings.

Testing Expertise strategy, advisory, and planning

Accountability to delivery

Consistency in practices

Efficiency in operations

Top Expertise so that you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Pools in Domain and Subject Matter Expertise

Focuses on Niche Skills

Collaborative Competency

Attributes that make us a class apart.

Scalability in operations

Transparency in communication and execution


Demonstration through analytics

Speed or cost – No Compromise Necessary.

Achieve speed at economy

Save sourcing and execution management costs

Pay-as-you-go but never let your apps get slow.

A complete test management solution in the cloud without spending a fortune on a multi-million dollar testing services center.

Sounds like a Dream?

It’s now an IGS reality. Create your own Testing Center of Excellence where testers hand-picked by you work on your access instructions, test execution plan, and directions.

We Promise you it’s going to be more than Just Writing Test Cases.

It’s going to be Testing Excellence!