Imagine if your testing software has a mind of its own to gift your enterprise with powerful testing capabilities.

IGS offers ready-to-use test automation frameworks and AI-enabled solutions to factor in consistency and performance to lessen the burden of software testing on humans and that of human errors on applications.

We simplify automation so that automation simplifies your complex workflows. Let your release cycles catch up to speed with other market leaders without compromise in quality or innovation.

Why choose manual testing which is costly, unreliable, and cumbersome when you have a smarter way of handling the testing of large codebases the IGS way?

Our test automation experts implement predefined tools to automate test selection, test runs, provisioning of test data & environment, test executions, reporting, and application performance analysis.


What you can achieve with the IGS’ Test Automation

Plan, Pilot, and Scale test operations to rapidly create resilience and flexibility across your business workflows.

Reduce the time to report a bug by automatically capturing bug information in the system.

Increased workforce productivity and utilization.

Predictive, adaptive and modernized test operations with real-time data processing capabilities.

Better user-aligned apps that lead to improved user journeys and ultimately better business conversions.

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Why IGS’ Test Automation?

Maximum test coverage.

Test executions that thrive on our meticulous outlook.

Minimizes manual interventions.

Consistent & accurate results (something that is usual in our testing center of excellence).

Reduced time to market (something that will become the usual for your applications).

More testing with lesser human labour cost.

Platform and device-agnostic testing for different configuration settings.

Quality is the responsibility of everyone connected to a product. It is empowering not only to customers but also businesses. At IGS, it’s something that keeps us going.

IGS’ Unified Test Automation Framework that make quality and your business applications synonymous are,

Test Automation for Web

Test Automation for Android Apps

Test Automation for iOS Apps

Test Automation of API Test Cases

Test Automation for DFP

Test Automation for Mixpanel

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