Testing is more powerful when it is virtual and centralized. Even more when it readily-available and aligned to your company’s transition roadmap and your business goals.

No More Building Heavy-load Testing Centers from Scratch.

IGS’ Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) framework converges testing teams, best practices, tools, techniques, methodologies and processes to streamline user testing and test automation activities through a Digital test center. Our TCoE paves the way for technology-driven and user-centric testing solutions.

testing center
We let you focus on quality today to future-proof your applications for tomorrow.

Traditional QA can often make testing inconvenient because,

You obtain little or no visibility into application quality across projects to support your deployment decisions.

Measuring application quality and controlling it becomes cumbersome. This leads to higher operating costs and delays in delivery schedules.

Dispersed teams don’t have the supporting tools to share and reuse assets and knowledge.

IGS’ TCoE is different because of,
Testing Expertise

We engage handpicked tester-experts, test-users, testers-with-special-needs, and ethical hackers to test every aspects of your app on multiple devices, for different configurations, languages, and locations.

We pool in the right TEST AUTOMATION EXPERTS, DOMAIN TESTERS, TECHNICAL TESTERS, and TEST ARCHITECTS to do the job sooner and cost-efficiently.


Our ready-to-use test frameworks and bot-based solutions assess your apps’ consistency, usability, performance and content in both test and live conditions.

Where we start

Our experts validate your business concept, evaluate the quality of app testing and finally help predict its acceptance with the users so that you know where your app needs to be tweaked or modified for the tight reasons.

Our Offerings that improve QA Efficiency and Software Performance Visibility

Functional testing

Surveys and Audits

Market Analysis

Ethical Hacking


Content optimization


Live Monitor

API Testing



Strategic consulting for design, development and deployment of testing solutions such as QA, audits, test organization strategy and customized TCoE.

Test process consulting to provide maturity assessment using our testing framework to fast track quality processes.

Test management, engineering, and execution for comprehensive test coverage and test automation across the entire delivery lifecycle.

Managed Testing Services to customize processes, and map resources with the right skills, in the right locations, at the right time and maximize value.


TCoE provides procedural framework

Standardizes process and resource across all teams and functions

Reduces go-to-market time and cost (Typical resource cost reduction is 35% over a 3-year time frame)

Multiple device testing ensures app’s consistency in real world

Helps plug leakages and eliminate duplicates

Optimizes the use of existing resources like QA budgets, tools, environments and people

Optimizes application quality and performance through the reduced risk of failure and high-severity defects.

Tightens alignment of quality with business needs through defined KPIs

Increases agility in response to new business challenges

If you’re ready for the evolution of the new way of testing, we’re here to help you get there.

IGS has executed a concurrent load of up-to 10,000 Users with open source framework and solution, resulting in huge cost savings for our OTT Client. Let us know if you’d like to learn more.